Animated logos.


To logos that pop right off the screen.



It's time to get moving.

Animated logos are becoming increasingly popular, and you can see why. People naturally gravitate towards moving images online. Eye-catching animations that add a bit of magic to your image. Take a look at some examples of Andrew's animation work that zoom, bounce, gallop, change amongst other things. It's amazing how a standard logo can come to life - adding a unique element to your business.



Beales logo depicting the elegant swirls and movement of Tony's signature.



Nationwide Animation service



The animation emphasising the diamond whilst making the letters appear to have formed from it.


A simple yet stylish means of boosting your online image.



Tel: 01202 886375

A nationwide service - accessible from anywhere in the UK. Email or call for a quote to bring your logo to life. 



Tel: 01202 886375

Food photographer of the Year 2019 - Finalist
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